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1 Year Diploma Courses In Norway

By Hafsa Omar

A one year diploma course in Norway offers students the opportunity to study and experience a wide range of topics. Whether it is studying political science, economics or business, they will be able to gain insights into their area of interest while living and learning in Norway.

Table Of Content:

5. Best 11 Courses in Norway 2022/2023
Best 11 Courses in Norway 2022/2023Digital Transformation in the Classroom Course - Norwegian University of Science ... UX Design is a one-year technology program focusing on user experience.

7. Norwegian for Foreigners - Department of Language and Literature ...
Level 1 is a language course for beginners or students with very little previous knowledge of Norwegian. The course focuses on basic grammar and use of everyday ...

9. Course - Norwegian for Foreigners, short courses - NFUT0002 - NTNU
Compulsory attendance at the first lecture. Approved examination's requirements are valid for 4 semesters after approval date. Compulsory assignments. •1 ...

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  • What are some of the subjects included in this program?

    This program includes subjects such as political science, economics, and business.

    How long is this program?

    This program is one year long.

    Are there any language requirements to enroll in this program?

    Some level of proficiency in Norwegian may be required for some courses; however, many courses are also available with English instructions.

    Is financial aid offered for these programs?

    Financial aid may be available for certain courses depending on the student's eligibility and need.

    The one-year diploma course in Norway provides students with the opportunity to explore their chosen subject areas while experiencing life abroad. Furthermore, these programs can help provide insight into certain cultures and foster an appreciation for different perspectives.


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