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1 Year Masters In Education

By Hafsa Omar

This 1 year Master in Education is designed to give students the knowledge and qualifications to enter into the teaching profession. The curriculum covers topics such as instructional planning and delivery, assessment techniques, educational technology, research methods, and other foundational components of effective education practices.

Table Of Content:

4. Master's in Education | Harvard Graduate School of Education
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8. UOTeach Curriculum and Teaching Program | College of Education
Earn a graduate degree in UOTeach and actively impact the lives and learning of youth! UOTeach is a highly focused one-year teacher licensure program for ...

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  • Q: What kind of courses are included in this master’s program?

    This master’s program includes courses on instructional planning, assessment techniques, educational technology, research methods, and other relevant topics.

    Is a background in education required for this program?

    No, a background in education is not required for this program; however it is recommended that applicants have some previous knowledge or experience in the field.

    Is there an internship or practicum requirement?

    Yes, students must complete at least one supervised practicum or internship experience as part of their course requirements.

    Are there any prerequisites for admission?

    Yes, applicants must possess a bachelor's degree with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher to be eligible for admission into the program.

    What kinds of jobs can graduates pursue after completing this program?

    Graduates from this master’s program are prepared for positions such as teacher/instructor, curriculum specialist/developer, academic administrator, educational technology specialist, and more.

    The 1 year Master in Education provides students with all the knowledge and qualifications needed to begin their career in teaching and related fields. Through coursework covering various aspects of teaching practice as well as supervised practicum/internship experiences, participants will gain the necessary skills to pursue various positions in the field upon graduation.


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