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1 Year Ms In Computer Science

By Hafsa Omar

A Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) is a professional degree program designed to provide students with the technical knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of computer science. The MSCS program typically lasts one year, and includes both coursework and research components. Graduates from the program can then pursue higher-level positions or further their education by completing a doctoral program.

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6. Master's Programs | Carnegie Mellon University - Computer Science ...
We also offer a fifth-year master's program for current SCS undergraduates, and a 3-2 MBA program with CMU's Tepper School of Business. M.S. in Computer Science.

8. Master's Programs
The Fifth Year Master's in Computer Science is a direct master's program for ... to earn an MS degree in one additional year by taking some of the required ...

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  • What does an MSCS degree involve?

    An MSCS degree involves coursework, research, and other activities that provide students with the technical knowledge and skills necessary for success in the field of computer science.

    What types of classes will be taken during the MSCS program?

    Students enrolled in an MSCS program typically take courses on subjects such as programming languages, operating systems, database management systems, software development methods, artificial intelligence, robotics, mathematical modeling and algorithms, computer networks, information security, distributed computing systems and more.

    What type of career paths are available to those who complete an MSCS degree?

    Those who complete an MSCS degree may pursue careers in software engineering, hardware engineering, web development, system design or development; they may also work as computer scientists or data analysts in many different industries. Additionally some graduates may choose to continue their studies at doctoral level within computer science or a related field.

    A Master of Science in Computer Science is an excellent way for students to gain expertise in this rapidly growing field. With just one year dedicated to intense study and research experience from experienced professionals graduates are well set up to pursue advanced positions or higher studies once they have completed this specialized training.


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