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10 Cm Dish Surface Area

By Hafsa Omar

This 10 cm dish has a surface area of 1000 sq cms. It is a dish which can be used for a variety of purposes in the kitchen, from displaying fruit to preparing dishes. In this explanation, we will look at the surface area of this 10 cm dish and answer some relevant FAQs about this product.

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  • What is the dimension of this 10 cm dish?

    This 10 cm dish has a measurement of 10 cms in diameter and 2.5 cms in height.

    What type of material is this 10 cm dish made out of?

    This 10 cm dish is made out of porcelain or stoneware material.

    What can I use this 10 cm dish for?

    You can use it as a serving or display piece, or you can use it to prepare meals or even bake pies!

    How much does this 10 cm dish weigh?

    The weight of this 10 cm dish is approximately 500 grams.

    This 10 cm dish has a total surface area of 1000 sq cms and it's perfect for putting together meals, displaying food and more! We hope that through understanding its dimensions, material and applications, you are now ready to make use of your own 10 cm dish!


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