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1031 Exchange Calculation Worksheet

By Hafsa Omar

A 1031 exchange calculation worksheet is used to help find the profit or loss from a real estate transaction. This worksheet helps to figure out the capital gains and depreciation recapture amounts due on any property sold in an exchange. It takes into consideration all the costs associated with an exchange, such as purchase price, closing costs, transfer taxes, and so on.

Table Of Content:

2. 1031 Exchange Calculator | Calculate Your Capital Gains
1031 Exchange Calculator | Calculate Your Capital GainsFree, simple 1031 Exchange Calculator to help you estimate and calculate the reinvestment requirements for a tax-free exchange.

10. 1031 Exchange Calculator - Penn's Grant Realty Corporation
1031 Exchange Calculator - Penn's Grant Realty CorporationWe'll be happy to help you with calculating your 1031 Exchange, ... In no way should the completion of this worksheet be construed as tax advice or used in ...

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  • What is a 1031 Exchange?

    A 1031 exchange is a tax code that allows investors to defer paying capital gains taxes when selling their investment properties by exchanging them for similar properties. The gain from the sale of the original property will be deferred until the new property is sold.

    How do I calculate my capital gains?

    Capital gains are calculated by subtracting your cost basis in the property from its selling price. To determine your cost basis, you must consider all expenses associated with buying and owning the property, including closing costs, points paid for financing, improvements made to it over time, etc.

    How do I figure out my depreciation recapture amount?

    Depreciation recapture is calculated by subtracting your total depreciation deductions over the years from your cost basis in the property. Both figures are provided on a 1031 exchange calculation worksheet.

    Is there anything else I should consider when doing a 1031 exchange?

    Yes! You must also adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the IRS when it comes to completing a 1031 exchange properly. These include having 45 days to identify a replacement property and 180 days after closing on your original property to close on the replacement one.

    Doing a 1031 Exchange can provide savvy investors with tax advantages upon selling their investment properties but involves complicated calculations which require careful attention to detail. A 1031 Exchange Calculation Worksheet can help make this process easier by providing an organized way of tracking important data like purchase prices and closing costs that affect potential profits or losses at disposal of asset or real estate owned.


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