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2 Year Computer Engineering Degree

By Hafsa Omar

Computer engineering is an ever-evolving field of study that requires knowledge and skillsets in both electrical engineering and computer sciences. A two year degree in computer engineering will equip graduates with the necessary technical knowledge to design, develop, test, troubleshoot, maintain and improve upon existing hardware components as well as software applications.

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8. Stanford University Undergraduate Major in Computer Science
Aug 24, 2020 ... Finally, students round out their CS curriculum with 2-4 elective courses. The electives can be classes from different areas in CS if a student ...

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  • What types of classes are offered in this degree program?

    In this two year degree program, students will take courses covering topics such as programming principles, operating systems, computer architecture and organization, digital logic design, circuit design and analysis, embedded systems control, data communications networks and wireless systems.

    Is it possible to transfer credits from another college or university?

    Yes. Credits may be transferred provided they comply with the rules for course equivalency established by the institution offering the two year degree program. Transfer credit is subject to approval by the Department Chair of Computer Engineering or other designated faculty members.

    What kind of career opportunities are available after completing this degree?

    With a two year degree in computer engineering graduates can go on to pursue careers such as hardware engineer, software engineer, system analyst or developer, electronics engineer or IT consultant. Graduates can also opt for higher studies like a master's degree in engineering or business administration.

    How much tuition fees is required for completing this program?

    Tuition costs vary between institutions but generally range from $15000 - $20000 USD per academic year.

    The two year computer engineering degree provides students with a strong foundation in both electrical and computer science fundamentals that they need to become successful in today's digital world. This program offers great job prospects as well as excellent personal growth opportunities across a variety of industries.


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