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2 Year Journalism Degree

By Hafsa Omar

This two year journalism degree provides students with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively report on news and information. With course content focused on practical experience both in the classroom and in the field, this program will provide students with all the skills they need to become a successful journalist or digital content creator.

Table Of Content:

4. Journalism
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  • What topics will be covered in this journalism degree?

    The course content for this journalism degree focuses on developing writing, storytelling, interviewing and reporting skills through hands-on practice. Additionally, it covers topics such as visual media, digital content creation, media law and ethics, public relations and communication strategies.

    How many credit hours are required for completion of this degree?

    Typically students must complete at least 65 credit hours in order to meet the requirements of this journalism degree program.

    Are there internship opportunities associated with the program?

    Yes. Students enrolled in the journalism degree program have access to internship placement services that enable them to gain hands-on experience working in newsrooms or other media organizations during their studies.

    The two year journalism degree is an excellent opportunity for those looking to enter into a career as a journalist or digital content creator. Through a thorough exploration of writing techniques, interviewing practices, legal considerations and other key areas of knowledge within the field, graduates of this program will be well-equipped to succeed within their chosen profession.


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