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2 Year Turf Management Degree Online

By Hafsa Omar

This 2 year turf management degree online is designed for those looking to pursue a career in turf management. The program provides students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required to professionally manage turf areas, such as golf courses, sports fields and sod farms.

Table Of Content:

9. Online Turf Management Degree Programs
Online Turf Management Degree ProgramsThe Associate of Science in Turfgrass Management is a two year course that is aimed at students with an interest in finding employment in the turf industry.

10. Turf: University of Massachusetts Winter School for Turf Managers ...
Turf: University of Massachusetts Winter School for Turf Managers ...... a two- or four-year program, as well as motivated career changers who want to establish a solid foundation for entering the field of turf management.

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  • What do I need to get into the program?

    Applicants to this program must have a high school diploma or equivalent and satisfactory scores on an admissions test.

    Is there any field experience required?

    In order to complete this degree program, students are required to have completed 300 hours of field experience prior to graduation.

    How long will it take me to complete the degree?

    Generally speaking, it takes two years of full-time study to complete this degree program.

    What topics are covered by the curriculum?

    The curriculum covers topics such as plant physiology, turf pathology, irrigation systems design, pest control strategies and soil management.

    The 2 year turf management degree online program is an excellent way for aspiring professionals in this field to receive a comprehensive education in turf management. With the benefits of studying online, applicants can further their skills and gain invaluable experience under experienced professionals in the field of turf management.


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