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200 Amp Company Switch

By Hafsa Omar

This 200 amp company switch is a reliable and robust device made to help manage electrical overloads. It is designed to be connected with a 400 amp main switchboard and is suitable for alternating current systems. It also has an intelligent control system that helps protect against overloading of the current system.

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  • What are the benefits of this 200 amp company switch?

    This 200 amp company switch provides reliable and robust protection from overloads due to its intelligent control system. It is also designed for 400 amp main switchboard setups, offering compatibility with AC systems.

    What type of connection does this 200 amp company switch use?

    This 200 amp company switch uses a three-phase connection to the 400amp main switchboard.

    Does this 200amp company switch meet safety standards?

    Yes, this device meets all relevant safety standards, ensuring safe and reliable operation of your electrical systems.

    The 200amp company switch offers an efficient and reliable solution for managing your electrical overloads. With easy installation and intuitive control, it is perfect for protecting AC systems in small or large buildings alike.


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