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3 Types Of Ul Industrial Control Panel Labels

By Hafsa Omar

Industrial control panel labels are adhesive labels used to identify components installed within a machine or electrical enclosure. These labels come in three types - Durable, Adhesive, and UL Recognized. Each type of label provides different levels of protection against corrosion, tampering, and other external threats.

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9. Industrial Control Panel - UL Listed Control Panels UL508A - NAO Inc.
Industrial Control Panel - UL Listed Control Panels UL508A - NAO Inc.A UL label means that NAO, Inc. has met the requirements of UL508A, and that the NAO panels are subject to inspection by UL field representatives. Not every ...

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  • What is the purpose of a Durable Label?

    A durable label is designed to resist abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and moisture. It is often used in applications where there is a high level of stress or wear and tear on the label such as extreme temperatures or UV exposure.

    What is the difference between an Adhesive Label and a UL Recognized Label?

    An adhesive label offers temporary protection against external conditions due to its ability to bond with surfaces over time. A UL Recognized label offers permanent protection against external conditions due to its use of special materials which are resistant to most environmental impacts.

    How do I know if a labeling solution meets my needs?

    When selecting any industrial control panel labeling solution it is important to consider your specific requirements including environment factors, durability requirements, size/shape limitations, application method(s) available, and compatibility with existing systems.

    Industrial control panel labels provide an effective way for organizations to clearly identify components installed within machines or electrical enclosures while also protecting them from external threats such as corrosion or tampering. With three types of labels available - Durable Labels, Adhesive Labels and UL Recognized Labels – companies can choose which solution provides the best overall protection based on their specific requirements.


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