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4c Clinic Galveston Tx

By Hafsa Omar

4C Clinic Galveston TX is a healthcare provider specializing in providing medical services to immigrants, refugees, and unemployed individuals on the Texas Gulf Coast. Their mission is to provide comprehensive care that is culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate. They strive to ensure equitable access to health services regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or gender.

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1. Galveston County Health District | Home Coastal
Galveston County Health District | Home CoastalPUBLIC HEALTH IN GALVESTON COUNTY. Our vision is to become the healthiest county in Texas. 1. 0. Active COVID19 Cases ... Healthy Concepts Clinic.

2. Galvestons 4 Cs - Galveston, TX, 77551
This clinic operates under a SLIDING SCALE model.This means that it MAY NOT be free depending on your income.You will be required to prove financial need in ...

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  • What type of services does 4C Clinic Galveston offer?

    4C Clinic Galveston offers comprehensive primary care, immunizations, women’s health services, preventive/wellness visits and more. Additional services include behavioral health counseling and community outreach and education about health topics such as nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.

    Is there any cost for 4C Clinic Galveston's services?

    4C Clinics provide quality healthcare regardless of income level at no charge. Sliding scale fees may be assessed based on the patient's financial situation or ability to pay.

    Does 4C Clinic Galveston accept insurance?

    Yes, they accept most major insurance plans including Medicare Part B & Medicaid (Managed Care Programs). They also offer private pay options as well as discounted pricing for those unable to provide proof of income.

    4C Clinic Galveston TX provides quality healthcare services at no charge for immigrants, refugees, and unemployed individuals throughout the Texas Gulf Coast area. With accessible payment options and accepting major insurance plans such as Medicare Part B & Medicaid (Managed Care Programs), they are dedicated to ensuring equitable access to healthcare services regardless of economic status.


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