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500 Watt Dummy Load

By Hafsa Omar

This 500 watt dummy load is ideal for testing RF power amplifiers and other RF circuits. It provides a safe, reliable, and consistent way of testing any radio frequency (RF) device without the use of an antenna or other external components.

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3. Bird 82A 500W Termaline RF Coaxial Resistor Dummy Load 50 ...
Bird 82A 500W Termaline RF Coaxial Resistor Dummy Load 50 ...Bird 82A 500W. In such cases you will receive item in similar condition, however the serial number could be different than pictured.

10. Building a Dummy Load - 0x9900
Building a Dummy Load - 0x9900Apr 4, 2022 ... In radio, a dummy load is a non-inductive power resistor with a value ... The 250 Watt resistors mounted in parallel can handle 500 Watts, ...

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  • What is a dummy load?

    A dummy load is a device that simulates the impedance seen by an antenna in order to test radio frequency transmitters without actually emitting any radio waves.

    What does this 500 watt dummy load do?

    This 500 watt dummy load allows you to safely and reliably test your RF power amplifiers or other RF circuits without using an antenna or additional external components.

    How often should I check my dummy load?

    You should check your dummy load regularly to ensure that it is operating correctly and consistently supplying the correct amount of power.

    Is this 500 watt dummy load suitable for all RF applications?

    Yes, this 500 watt dummy load can be used for all applications requiring up to 500 watts of power.

    The 500 Watt Dummy Load is an invaluable tool for testing any RF circuit safely and reliably with accurate results. It is suitable to use with all RF applications up to 500 watts and should be checked periodically to ensure proper operation.


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