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6 Months Psychology Course

By Hafsa Omar

This 6-month psychology course is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to gain an understanding of psychology and its application in everyday life. It covers a range of topics that will help individuals to understand the human mind and behaviour, and how it impacts our lives. Participants will learn practical methods enabling them to make better decisions, increase their resilience in difficult situations, build stronger relationships with others, as well as find more enjoyable ways to cope with stress and anxiety.

Table Of Content:

5. Psychology Online Courses | Coursera
Psychology Online Courses | CourseraChoose from hundreds of free Psychology courses or pay to earn a Course or Specialization Certificate. Psychology courses investigate the human mind and the ...

7. A Randomized Study of the Effects of Mindfulness training on ...
A Randomized Study of the Effects of Mindfulness training on ...The MANCOVA analysis with baseline and follow-up at 6 months on psychological outcomes: perceived stress, depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress symptoms ( ...

9. Increased Psychological Distress, Loneliness, and Unemployment ...
Increased Psychological Distress, Loneliness, and Unemployment ...Jan 9, 2021 ... Increased Psychological Distress, Loneliness, and Unemployment in the Spread of COVID-19 over 6 Months in Germany. Medicina (Kaunas).

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  • What topics are covered in this 6-month course?

    This course covers a range of topics relating to psychology such as mental health issues, coping strategies, personal development, communication skills, conflict resolution and decision making.

    How will this course benefit me?

    This course is beneficial for those wanting to improve their psychological wellbeing by gaining understanding into the human mind and behaviour. Through learning these valuable tools you can become better equipped for managing difficult situations, improving relationships with others, building resilience and finding more enjoyable ways to manage stress and anxiety.

    Is it suitable for beginners or those who already have some knowledge of psychology?

    Yes. The content of this course can be tailored to all levels so that both beginners or those familiar with some aspects of psychology are provided with information which is relevant for them.

    This 6-month psychology course offers a great opportunity for individuals looking to understand more about themselves, their behaviour and how they can use that knowledge in day-to-day life. Through gaining deeper insight into the human mind and behaviour they can develop essential skills which are essential for successful communication and healthier relationships – both professionally and personally.


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