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6 Principles Of Idea

By Hafsa Omar

- The 6 principles of innovation embody the core values of creativity and resourcefulness. These principles are designed to help guide companies, both large and small, in the process of creating awesome new products and services. With these six pillars as a foundation, teams can generate powerful ideas that can have real customer or business value.

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  • What are the 6 principles of innovation?

    1) Embrace Failure as Learning; 2) Openness to New Ideas; 3) Rapid Experimentation; 4) Value Divergent Thinking; 5) Focus on Outcomes; 6) Take Risks.

    How do the 6 principles help companies create great products?

    The six principles provide structure, direction and motivation for teams to come up with creative solutions that solve customer problems or deliver business objectives. By following these guidelines, companies can foster an environment where ideas can be tested quickly with low risk and high reward.

    What is meant by 'Divergent Thinking'?

    Divergent thinking is a creative style where one attempts to look at a given problem from multiple perspectives in search of unique solutions. It involves going beyond established answers and coming up with unexpected ones. It requires being open-minded, exploring many options and not getting stuck in one way of thinking.

    How does focused on outcomes help come up with powerful ideas?

    By focusing on outcomes, teams will be more likely to consider how their new product or service will positively affect customers or their business objectives. This helps them better define their goals and what success looks like before committing resources or launching a new idea. This approach also allows teams to adequately assess potential roadblocks before moving forward with their proposed solution.

    -The 6 Principles of Innovation are important tools for any team looking to generate innovative ideas that have real customer or business value. By embodying these core values, teams will be able to build meaningful solutions that result in positive outcomes for everyone involved.


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