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A Chorus Line Characters

By Hafsa Omar

A Chorus Line is a musical that follows the lives of dancers auditioning for a Broadway show. The characters in the show come from diverse backgrounds, and each character has their own unique story to tell. In this article, we will explore some of the main characters and their stories.

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CHORUS LINE ROLES BREAKDOWN | act-1CASTING: · NOTE: *Larry and Mike may be played be females (Lori & Mikki). · ​. LEAD FEMALE ROLES · Cassie Ferguson (30-35. Female - Mezzo belt) · Diana Morales (22- ...

3. A Chorus Line - Wikipedia
A Chorus Line - WikipediaCharactersEdit ; Mike Costa (#81), An aggressive dancer who learned to tap at an early age. ; Connie Wong (#149), A petite Chinese-American who seems ageless.

5. A Chorus Line (1985) - IMDb
A Chorus Line (1985) - IMDbTop cast ; Michael Douglas · Zach ; Terrence Mann · Larry ; Michael Blevins · Mark ; Yamil Borges · Morales ; Jan Gan Boyd · Connie.

6. A Chorus Line | Theatre wiki | Fandom
A Chorus Line | Theatre wiki | FandomCharacters · Don Kerr, a married man who once worked in a strip club. · Maggie Winslow, a sweet woman who grew up in a broken home. · Mike Costa, an aggressive ...

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  • Who are some of A Chorus Line's main characters?

    Some of the main characters in A Chorus Line include Cassie, Bobby, Paul, Richie, Mike, Val, Larry, Shelly and Bebe. They all have different backstories and motivations for wanting to be part of the chorus line.

    What is Cassie's story?

    Cassie is a former star dancer who left the business after she was injured during an audition. She returns for another audition with a new attitude about dance and her life in general.

    What does Bobby want out of life?

    Bobby is from a lower-class background and he dreams of making it big on Broadway. He strives to achieve his dream through dedication and hard work.

    What kind of relationship do Mike and Val share?

    Mike and Val have an intense romantic relationship that often plays out during scenes in A Chorus Line. Even though they come from different worlds, their love for each other remains strong throughout the show.

    A Chorus Line is full of unique characters with incredible stories to tell. Whether it's Cassie striving for redemption or Bobby chasing his dream on Broadway, each character's journey provides something special that audiences can appreciate even after over 40 years since its premiere performance in 1975.


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