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Aa Degree In Logistics

By Hafsa Omar

A logistics associate's degree is an advanced postsecondary educational program that focuses on the study of efficient supply chain management principles. The program covers a variety of topics, including procurement processes and inventory control, warehouse management, and shipping and receiving operations. Graduates may pursue entry-level roles in distribution centers, freight carriers, freight forwarders, and other organizations involved in material transport.

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3. Associate Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Associate Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain ManagementThe Logistics and Supply Chain Management associate degree prepares you for beginning an entry-level career in several aspects of supply chain management as you ...

7. Logistics Management Associates Degree | Georgia Military College ...
Logistics Management Associates Degree | Georgia Military College ...The AA and AS in Logistics Management programs are designed to provide students with a foundation body of knowledge involving a command of the basic language ...

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  • What type of jobs may I apply for after completing this degree?

    With an associate's degree in logistics, you may be able to pursue entry-level roles such as material handler or warehouse coordinator. You may also find related employment opportunities at distribution centers, freight carriers, and freight forwarders.

    How long does it take to earn this degree?

    Most logistics programs require two years for completion. However, some schools offer accelerated paths that allow students to complete their studies in just one year.

    Is there any hands-on experience associated with the program?

    Many logistics associate's degrees include an internship requirement where students have the opportunity to gain practical experience working at a business related to the field of study.

    Earning an associate’s degree in logistics can provide graduates with the necessary skillset to compete for a wide range of entry-level positions within transportation and supply chain organizations. Whether it is studying core concepts or gaining hands-on experience through internships, this type of academic credential can open up numerous opportunities for students looking to progress their careers.


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