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Aa Liberal Arts And Sciences

By Hafsa Omar

A liberal arts and sciences education is an interdisciplinary approach to higher education that combines the liberal arts and natural sciences together. It provides a broad foundation for students to become well-rounded critical thinkers and problem solvers as they gain knowledge of both traditional liberal arts disciplines, such as literature, philosophy and history, and also the sciences, including physics, chemistry and biology.

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8. Liberal Arts and Sciences, A.A. - Degree Program - Niagara County ...
Liberal Arts and Sciences, A.A. - Degree Program - Niagara County ...The Liberal Arts and Sciences degree program curriculum has been designed to be flexible and also allows students who change career choices, ...

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  • What are the benefits of a liberal arts education?

    A liberal arts education provides students with a wide range of skills valued by employers such as communication, problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking. Furthermore, pursuing a degree in the liberal arts allows students to explore their intellectual interests in depth without having to specialize too early.

    What type of courses are included in a Liberal Arts & Sciences program?

    Courses typically include history, languages, psychology, mathematics, music theory or performance art, foreign languages and classics. In addition to these traditional course offerings students may also have access to other topics such as environmental studies or international relations.

    Is a liberal arts & sciences degree good for getting into graduate school?

    Absolutely! Employers recognize that individuals with a bachelor's in Liberal Arts & Sciences have developed analytical thought processes due to coursework that requires them to think critically about various topics. As such graduates with this degree tend to be well-prepared when it comes time to apply for any graduate school program.

    What kind of career opportunities can I pursue with a Liberal Arts & Sciences degree?

    The skills gained from this type of degree make graduates highly valuable across many industries such as business administration and management; research analytics; public relations; writing; marketing; social services; non-profit work; event planning and more.

    Liberal Arts & Sciences provide an expansive curriculum that helps develop versatile skills necessary for achieving success in today’s competitive job market. With its ability to prepare students for advanced degrees or pursue professional careers in multiple fields it is no wonder why so many students choose this specific path upon enrolling at universities today.


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