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Aaron Academy Hendersonville Tn

By Hafsa Omar

Aaron Academy Hendersonville, Tennessee is a premier private Christian school that provides excellence in academics and life lessons for grades PreK through 12th grade. It has an outstanding faculty and staff of dedicated teachers, administrators and counselors who are passionate about the success of their students. The school offers a nurturing and supportive learning environment with a strong emphasis on spiritual development. Aaron Academy Hendersonville also believes in bringing out the best in each of its students by having challenging courses that prepare them for college or other post-secondary education opportunities.

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1. Aaron Academy
Aaron AcademyOur mission is to assist and encourage parents who are training and educating their children and to help these students achieve the highest academic standards ...

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  • What kind of student body does Aaron Academy serve?

    Aaron Academy has an incredibly diverse student body, with students coming from not just Hendersonville but from surrounding counties as well. There are over 500 enrolled students representing many different backgrounds and cultures. The diversity allows for cultural perspectives to be shared amongst the student body, enhancing their experience and learning within the classroom setting.

    Does Aaron Academy provide extracurricular activities?

    Absolutely! In addition to rigorous academic classes, Aaron Academy offers many extracurricular activities ranging from athletics to performing arts, clubs and community service projects. These activities help to provide life lessons outside of academics as well as provide outlets for deeper connectedness between peers and school staff alike!

    What makes Aaron Academy special compared to other schools?

    Aside from having quality faculty and staff dedicated to helping their students succeed academically, there is something very special about this school that sets it apart from others - its spiritual atmosphere which integrates faith into daily instruction making sure every student’s “whole person” (academically and spiritually) is taken into consideration.

    Whether you’re curious about academics, extracurriculars or the spiritual foundation at Aaron Academy Hendersonville - the school has so much more to offer than what meets the eye! With dedication to building up its students holistically through academic success, extracurricular engagement and promoting spiritual values - it’s no wonder that this one-of-a-kind institution continues to have an increasingly positive impact on all those associated with it!


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