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Ac Sequence Of Operation

By Hafsa Omar

This article explains the sequence of operations when using an AC unit. It will discuss how the components to operate interact and what purpose each component serves.

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  • What is the compressor used for?

    The compressor works to move refrigerant through the system by compressing it and raising its pressure, which enables it to absorb heat from inside a building or area. The refrigerant then releases this heat outside when it is pushed through a condenser coil and fan.

    What does the condenser do?

    The condenser is responsible for releasing all of the heat taken in by the refrigerant. Its coils act as a radiator, transferring exterior heat away from the system while its fan helps evaporate excess moisture in order to keep an area cool and dry.

    How does the expansion valve work?

    The expansion valve works as another part of controlling refrigerant flow into the system. Its job is to decrease pressure on incoming refrigerant so that it can absorb more heat energy before being pushed towards the compressor again, completing a cycle so that air continues to be cooled over time.

    In summary, an AC unit relies on multiple different components interacting with one another to produce cool air for an area or building. Each part serves an important role in regulating temperature and keeping things comfortable in a variety of environments.


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