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Academy Of Fine Arts Vienna

By Hafsa Omar

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is one of the most renowned institutions for art education in Europe. It is a public university with over 600 years of history and provides students with rigorous teaching and training programs that allow them to become professional artists, curators, conservators, educators, architects and designers.

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3. Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
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  • What type of courses do they offer?

    The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers courses in traditional drawing and painting techniques, sculpture-modelling and graphics, digital media (including 3D animation), fashion design, industrial design, and architecture. Additionally, they provide a range of interdisciplinary programmes such as cultural management, or art-environment context studies.

    Is there an opportunity to study abroad?

    Yes! Students at the Academy can apply for exchange programmes at various universities across the world such as Harvard University or Goldsmiths University. Furthermore, they can also take part in Erasmus + projects which give them the chance to live and study in another European country for a semester or year abroad.

    What facilities does the university have?

    The Academy houses its own library which has thousands of books on art theory and practice as well as computer rooms with access to the latest software. There are four exhibition halls where students can showcase their work throughout their time at the academy and a number of studios available for artistic practice.

    The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is an excellent choice for aspiring artists who want to develop their skillset in a stimulating learning environment whilst benefitting from centuries of experience within this field. With incredible resources both locally and internationally available for students, it is no wonder that this esteemed institution continues to serve some of Europe’s top creative talent even today!


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