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Acceptance Rate At Pace University

By Hafsa Omar

Pace University is a leading higher education institution that has garnered a reputation for providing students with superior education and effective preparatory work. One of the key aspects of Pace University's admissions process is their acceptance rate. In general, Pace University has maintained a competitive acceptance rate that allows for opportunities for numerous qualified applicants each year.

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1. Pace University - Profile, Rankings and Data | US News Best Colleges
Pace University admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 88% and an early acceptance rate of 94%. Half the applicants admitted to Pace University have ...

2. Admission and Aid | Pace University New York
Admission and Aid | Pace University New YorkLearn about accelerated admission, see your options for financial aid, and meet our graduate admissions counselors. How to Apply - Graduates · Pace Online.

3. Admissions & Aid | Pace Law School
Admissions & Aid | Pace Law SchoolThe Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University provided her with a close-knit community of peers and mentors, as well as client-facing, hands-on experience ...

6. Pace University (Haub) - 2020 Law School Profile
Pace University (Haub) - 2020 Law School ProfilePace Law ranks #112 in terms of student selectivity with an acceptance rate of 50.3% among those who applied for admission. #117 in Student to Faculty Ratio.

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  • What is the current acceptance rate at Pace University?

    The overall acceptance rate for all programs at Pace University is around 57%.

    What factors contribute to Pace University's acceptance rate?

    Several factors contribute to the university’s competitive acceptance rate, including competitive selection criteria, rigorous academic standards, and excellent resources for student success.

    Are there any exceptions to the accepted rates?

    Yes, some undergraduate programs have separate admissions requirements and special considerations which may affect the acceptance rates depending on certain criteria such as program availability and geographic location.

    Pace University provides students with an exceptional educational experience while maintaining a competitive admission rate that allows qualified applicants from all backgrounds to pursue their desired degree paths. Whether applying as an undergraduate or graduate student, prospective students can be sure that their application will be considered fairly when applying to this top-tier institute.


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