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Accounting Cheat Sheet Pdf

By Hafsa Omar

This accounting cheat sheet is a helpful tool for anyone looking to learn the basics of accounting. It contains information on the fundamentals of financial statements, accrual and cash accounting, and an overview of some major accounting concepts. It provides an easy-to-follow guidebook to help you understand the basics quickly and efficiently.

Table Of Content:
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  • What is accrual accounting?

    Accrual accounting is a method of recording financial transactions that take place in an organization as they occur rather than when they are actually paid or received. Under this system of recording, income and expenses are recognized at the time a transaction takes place, not when money is actually exchanged.

    What is double-entry bookkeeping?

    Double-entry bookkeeping is a system of recording financial transactions in which there are two entries for each transaction—a debit entry and a credit entry. Each entry must equal its opposite entry which helps ensure accuracy in the accounts receivable and accounts payable ledgers.

    What does it mean to reconcile an account?

    Reconciling an account involves comparing your company’s records with any external records it has received from other sources such as customers or suppliers. This process ensures that both parties have recorded transactions accurately so that discrepancies can be identified and rectified if necessary before they become larger issues.

    This accounting cheat sheet provides comprehensive coverage on all aspects of basic accounting principles and practices, making it an invaluable resource for anyone needing a quick refresher on their knowledge. Its easy-to-follow format allows readers to quickly get up to speed and confidently move forward with their business operations in no time at all.


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