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Accounting Degree In Usa

By Hafsa Omar

An accounting degree in the USA provides students with an understanding of the principles and procedures of accounting and preparing financial statements. Accounting degree programs provide an education on how to record, measure, analyze, interpret and communicate economic information – such as revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities. With a degree in accounting from an accredited institution, graduates are prepared for entry into the field of accounting and may even progress to become certified professional accountants.

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  • What type of courses is included in an accounting degree program?

    An accounting degree program includes courses such as financial reporting and analysis, auditing, taxation, managerial cost & budgeting. Students also take courses on areas like systems analysis & design, IT auditing & assurance services.

    How do employers view a career in accounting?

    A career in accounting is highly regarded by employers since it requires skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. The ability to understand fiscal data is also highly sought after.

    What types of jobs can I get with an accounting degree?

    There are many job opportunities available for people with an accounting degree which include public accountant roles like internal auditor or tax consultant; or financial analyst roles such as financial risk manager or project accountant.

    Earning a degree in accounting can be very rewarding since it offers a variety of job opportunities that require understanding fiscal data. An accredited educational institution will provide students with knowledge needed to begin their new career path.


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