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Accurate Partitions Color Chart

By Hafsa Omar

This partitions color chart provides a helpful guide for picking the right partition colors to best suit any space. In this chart, each color can be identified by its Pantone reference number, as well as its common name or abbreviation. With the use of this chart, it is easy to find the perfect partition colors for any situation.

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3. ASI Accurate Partitions
ASI Accurate PartitionsMETAL PARTITION WHERE ... Welcome to ASI—the world's leading manufacturer of commercial partitions, washroom accessories, lockers and visual display ...

  • Source: Google.
  • What is a Pantone reference number?

    The Pantone reference number is an identifier used in the printing industry to match colors across different materials and substrates. For example, a specific blue might be identified by its Pantone reference number so that printers can reproduce it accurately no matter what material they are printing on.

    Can I mix and match colors from the same chart?

    Yes, you can mix and match colors from the same chart to create your own custom look. Many people choose to combine different shades of one particular color together in order to create something new and unique.

    Can I use these colors in multiple spaces?

    Yes, these partition colors can be used in multiple settings such as residential or commercial spaces. You may want to adjust some of the hues depending on the overall design scheme of your space.

    The partitions color chart is an invaluable tool for anyone looking for an easy way to find their perfect partition colors. With its thoughtful organization, it makes it easy to quickly identify which shades are available and how they will look once installed. Whether you’re planning a residential installation or a commercial one, this partitions color chart has you covered!


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