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Act Math Prep Classes

By Hafsa Omar

Math prep classes are designed to help students build their math skills and become successful, independent learners. These classes can include lecture-based learning and problem solving activities with the guidance of a qualified instructor. Students may also partake in hands-on projects or worksheets that test their knowledge.

Table Of Content:

1. ACT Math Test Prep Course - Tutoring and Practice Tests
ACT Math Test Prep Course - Tutoring and Practice TestsThe bulk of the math on the ACT comes from Algebra and Geometry. Therefore, your ACT math prep will need to include Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, ...

3. Online ACT Math Test Prep Course with Free Practice | Purplemath
Online ACT Math Test Prep Course with Free Practice | PurplemathThe math on the ACT includes concepts from advanced high school mathematics such as trigonometry in addition to concepts from the traditional sequence of high ...

5. Math Act Prep
Math Act PrepHistory and Mission statement. The first Math ACT prep class was held in October of 2012. Since inception, over 2,900 students have attended the class.

6. ACT Prep - Courses & Online Test Prep | Kaplan Test Prep
ACT Prep - Courses & Online Test Prep | Kaplan Test PrepStudy for the ACT® with prep from Kaplan and the ACT. Our online courses include real ACT practice questions to help you build confidence and earn points.

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  • What types of topics are covered in math prep classes?

    Math prep classes cover a variety of topics including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The topics are tailored to the student’s current level of understanding and ability so that they can master each concept before moving on.

    How is math practice incorporated into the classes?

    The lectures are typically supplemented by hands-on problem solving activities like group projects or individual worksheets. This allows students to see how the material applies in real life situations, as well as giving them an opportunity to practice their math skills outside of class.

    How often do these classes take place?

    Math prep classes typically take place once a week for up to two hours. Classes may be offered during school hours or after school depending on your school’s schedule.

    Math prep classes provide students with a valuable opportunity to develop strong math skills while being guided by experienced teachers in a supportive environment. With regular practice and dedication, students will reap the benefits of these courses for years to come.


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