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Active Directory Security Training

By Hafsa Omar

Active directory security training is designed to help employees understand how to use their everyday tools with greater security in mind. Training provides a broad overview of how to secure Active Directory against cyber attacks, as well as more detailed information about specific threats and the best practices for protecting against them.

Table Of Content:

7. AD Security Training Created by an Operating Principal ... - TryHackMe
AD Security Training Created by an Operating Principal ... - TryHackMeJul 12, 2022 ... We've launched a brand new module all about Active Directory Security! The training labs comprising the module have been developed by an ...

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  • What are the topics covered in active directory security training?

    Topics range from an overview of Active Directory security measures and threats, to authentication methods, password policies and encryption techniques.

    Is there an evaluation process involved in active directory security training?

    Yes, assessments are included throughout the course to ensure that learners have fully absorbed the material and can apply it appropriately in the workplace.

    How often should active directory security training be repeated?

    It is recommended that this type of training be conducted on a regular basis, such as at least once a year or after major updates or changes to your Active Directory environment.

    Is this type of training suitable for all employees?

    This type of training is suitable for any employee who uses Active Directory or works in an area related to its administration.

    Active directory security training can help organizations protect themselves against possible cyber threats by providing employees with the knowledge and skills needed to work safely with their everyday tools. Through comprehensive lessons and assessment activities, learners will gain an understanding of how to identify different types of attacks and apply appropriate countermeasures when necessary. Overall, active directory security education provides invaluable information on safeguarding corporate data and networks from malicious actors.


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