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Altamaha Pest Control Claxton Georgia

By Hafsa Omar

Altamaha Pest Control is a family owned business located in Claxton, Georgia. They provide commercial and residential pest control services to the surrounding area. Altamaha Pest Control takes pride in providing quality service to their customers and strives to protect homes and businesses from unwanted pests.

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4. Altamaha Pest Control, Inc. - Pest Control Service in Claxton
Altamaha Pest Control, Inc. - Pest Control Service in ClaxtonVery professional and courteous. Been doing business since they opened their business. I would highly recommend this business for home and commercial, ...

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  • What type of pest control services does Altamaha offer?

    Altamaha Pest Control offers a variety of pest control solutions, including ant control, cockroach treatment, rodent removal, termite protection and more.

    Does Altamaha provide organic pest control services?

    Yes, Altamaha provides organic treatments for various pests such as ants and spiders. These treatments are safe for families and pets and don’t require harsh chemicals or pesticides.

    How soon can I expect results after treatment?

    Generally you can expect results within 24 hours after treatment has been applied.

    Altamaha Pest Control’s goal is to provide quality services that keep homes and businesses pest-free. With their wide range of services offered in both traditional and organic solutions, they strive to meet all of your needs quickly and efficiently.


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