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American Flyers Firc Review

By Hafsa Omar

American Flyers is a pilot training school dedicated to providing students with the necessary knowledge, training, and experience to become pilots. They offer comprehensive flight instruction in single-engine aircraft as well as a variety of specialized services. This review will explore what American Flyers has to offer those looking to pursue a career in aviation.

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2. Online FIRC Course | American Flyers FIRCAmerican Flyers Airline ...
Online FIRC Course | American Flyers FIRCAmerican Flyers Airline ...The FAA is now requiring ALL FIRC providers to verify that the minimum 16 hours of course content has been reviewed by each renewing applicant, so ALL FIRC ...

3. American Flyers - Reviews | Facebook
American Flyers - Reviews | FacebookThe material was relevant, current, engaging, and easily-accessible. The course quizzes were appropriately-gauged. I found the ease of processing (I opted for ...

6. American Flyers: Flight & Pilot Schools Near MeAmerican Flyers ...
American Flyers: Flight & Pilot Schools Near MeAmerican Flyers ...Nothing can compete with the view, the speed and personal accomplishment of flying an airplane. Learn more about American Flyers' flight schools near you.

8. American Flyers (@Americanflyers1) / Twitter
American Flyers (@Americanflyers1) / TwitterHistory fact: American Flyers was the contracted airline to fly the Beatles around the country ... Keep Your CFI Current with American Flyers' FIRC Course.

9. American Flyers | Addison TX
American Flyers | Addison TXWelcome to the official American Flyers Facebook Page. American. ... Rating · 4.3 (78 Reviews) ... Keep Your CFI Current with American Flyers' FIRC Course.

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  • What types of certificates can I obtain from American Flyers?

    American Flyers offers a range of certificates from private pilot licenses to commercial ratings. Additional certifications cover everything from instrument ratings and tailwheel endorsements to certified flight instructor credentials.

    Is there any financing available for student pilots?

    Yes, American Flyers offers multiple financing options for its students. These include third-party financing programs such as Spartan Financial Group and Pilot Finance Inc., as well as their own in-house financing program tailored specifically for flight training needs.

    Are there any ground courses available?

    Yes, American Flyers has an extensive ground school curriculum covering everything from basic aeronautical knowledge to weather and navigation theory. Ground courses are typically completed online or through instructor-led seminars at the school's locations across the country.

    Does American flyers have any additional services?

    Yes, they offer after hour rental services, aircraft maintenance, charter flights, and simulator training activities at select locations nationwide.

    With its quality instruction staff and top-notch services, American Flyers is an ideal choice for aspiring pilots who wish to receive the right education and experience before taking on professional flying duties. Whether you’re just starting out or refining your existing skillset, this school has something for everyone who’s serious about pursuing an aviation career.


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