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American Heritage Gap Insurance

By Hafsa Omar

American Heritage Gap Insurance is a policy designed to cover the difference between the amount that you owe on your vehicle or home when a total loss occurs and what you receive from the insurance company. This means that, if your car is totally destroyed, American Heritage Gap Insurance can cover the remaining balance ofvalue on your loan.

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  • What type of losses does American Heritage Gap Insurance cover?

    American Heritage Gap Insurance covers total losses, such as theft and fire. It also covers accidental damage resulting in a write-off by your vehicle insurer or by an assessment made by them.

    When should I consider getting American Heritage Gap Insurance?

    If you are financing a new vehicle or taking out a loan for a home purchase, this type of coverage may be worth considering to make sure you are protected if there is an unforeseen event that results in a total loss.

    How do I know if I qualify for American Heritage Gap Insurance?

    To qualify for this type of coverage, you must have purchased your car within the past 5 years. This coverage is available for any type of vehicle and any amount of financing over $5,000 USD.

    American Heritage Gap Insurance provides additional protection against potential financial losses involving your car or home in case of total destruction due to theft, fire, or other events determined by insurers. It can be particularly beneficial if you have recently taken out a loan and want to make sure that any unpaid balances are covered in case something happens to your vehicle or other property.


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