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American Home Shield Contract Pdf

By Hafsa Omar

The American Home Shield Contract PDF outlines the rules and responsibilities of both the customer and the home warranty provider. This document includes general information about services, dependencies of various services, payment, cancellation and other important details.

Table Of Content:

1. Home Warranty Contracts | American Home Shield
Most home warranty plans require a contract to describe coverage and limits and exclusions. View some sample contracts to review our current plans for new ...

5. Frequently Asked Questions About Home Warranties | AHS
An American Home Shield® Real Estate Home Warranty is a one-year service agreement that covers the repair or replacement of many major home system components ...

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  • What services are covered under an American Home Shield Contract?

    An American Home Shield Contract provides coverage for major system components and appliances in the home such as electrical systems, plumbing systems, heating and cooling systems, kitchen appliances, and more.

    Is there a cancellation fee?

    Yes. There is a cancellation fee that is determined by how long you have been enrolled in a contract. The fee is charged if your contract is canceled within a certain time frame or for certain reasons.

    What happens if a service provider does not fix an issue?

    If a service provider does not fix an issue or fails to complete repair work properly within their allotted time frame, American Home Shield will provide additional labor up to the limit listed in your plan coverage at no extra cost to you.

    Does my contract cover all types of homes?

    Coverage depends on your specific plan but typically covers houses that are up to 10 years old. If you own an older home, coverage may be subject to additional restrictions or exclusions.

    The American Home Shield Contract PDF provides all customers with important information they need to know when purchasing a home warranty plan such as services covered, payments terms and conditions, what happens if an issue isn’t fixed properly and more.


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