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How Many Golf Courses Are In The United States

By Hafsa Omar

Golf is a popular sport that has millions of fans throughout the world. One of the most common questions asked about golf is how many courses are in the United States. This FAQ will provide an answer to that question as well as offer other information on golf courses in the US.

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  • How many golf courses are currently in the United States?

    According to estimates from Golf Digest and The National Golf Foundation, there are around 15,372 golf courses currently open for play in the US.

    What type of courses are available?

    There are a variety of course types available in the US such as 9-hole courses, 18-hole regulation courses, private country clubs and public daily fee operations.

    Are there differences between states when it comes to number of golf courses?

    Yes, some states have more golf courses than others due to geography or being popular hubs for recreational enthusiasts. California has the most with 1,034 followed by Florida at 830 and Michigan at 586.

    What is the average cost per round of golf?

    According to the National Golf Foundation, the average price per round of golf in 2019 was $35-$55 depending on location and type of course being played. Private country clubs tend to be significantly more expensive than public daily fee operations.

    From this FAQ it can be concluded that there are around 15,372 total golf courses in operation across all fifty states within America with prices ranging from $35-$55 per round depending on location and type of course being played.


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