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Parent Education Course Florida Divorce

By Hafsa Omar

Parent education courses are required by law in the state of Florida for divorcing couples with minor children. These courses are meant to help the couple understand how divorce can affect their children and provide strategies on how to handle the transition as painlessly as possible.

Table Of Content:

2. Florida Parenting Class Online | Court-Approved Parenting Course
Take your Parenting Course 100% online. This course is approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families and is required for divorce proceedings ...

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  • Who is required to take this course?

    Both parties in a divorce with minor children must complete the Florida parent education course as part of the legal requirements for obtaining a divorce decree.

    How long does the course last?

    The course typically lasts four hours and may be done online or in person depending upon availability. The exact length of time may vary depending on the provider of the course.

    Where do I take this course?

    Courses are offered at various locations across Florida, including designated family courthouses, community centers, and universities. Some courses might also be available online.

    Taking a parent education course is an important step during a Florida divorce proceeding with minor children. Couples should contact their local court office to find out more information about the specifics of these courses and what providers are recommended in their region.


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