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Reach Charter Academy Roseville

By Hafsa Omar

Reach Charter Academy Roseville is a free public charter school in Roseville, California. It’s mission is to provide an academically rigorous and highly engaging learning environment that provides students with the tools and skills to become successful contributors in our global society. From kindergarten through high school, Reach Charter Academy offers personalized learning for their students and focuses on developing core academic skills, as well as social and emotional competencies.

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  • What types of courses are offered at Reach Charter Academy?

    Reach Charter Academy offers a variety of courses from the core curriculum like math, science, language arts, and more, to enrichment classes such as art, music and physical education. They also offer virtual classroom programs that allow students to learn remotely.

    Are there any extracurricular activities available?

    Yes! Reach Charter Academy encourages its students to join various clubs and sports teams offered both on campus and virtually. From chess club to robotics team, there’s something for everyone!

    What safety measures have been put in place at Reach Charter Academy?

    The safety of their students is a top priority for Reach Charter Academy. They have implemented strict health guidelines following CDC protocol that includes daily temperature checks into the building, mask-wearing indoors at all times and social distancing protocols in classrooms and common areas.

    Reach Charter Academy Roseville is committed to providing quality education that equips their students with the knowledge they need to succeed in our ever-changing world. With innovative instruction methods such as virtual learning platforms, extracurricular activities like clubs and sports teams along with safety measures within their schools grounds based on CDC guidelines - they ensure a safe yet rewarding learning experience for all their students enrolled here!


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