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Wa State Comp And Class

By Hafsa Omar

This Washington State Comp and Ops class provides a comprehensive view of the job market in the state. This course is designed to give students an understanding of the legal requirements and obligations that come with being employed in Washington State. It also covers how to navigate the different types of jobs available, benefits offered, as well as other topics related to doing business in the region.

Table Of Content:

7. Washington Workers Compensation Class Codes & Rate Lookup
State, Class Code, Description, Eff Date. WA, 0101, Excavation, Road Construction, Land Clearing, NOC (0101). WA, 0103, Drilling and Geophysical Exploration ...

9. RCW 43.03.250: Compensation of members of part-time boards and ...
(2) Each member of a class four group is eligible to receive compensation in an ... in any agency of the federal government, Washington state government, ...

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  • What topics will be covered in this course?

    The course covers various topics such as labour law, wages and hours, discrimination laws, employee rights, employment contracts, workplace safety regulations and more. Topics related to doing business in the region are also discussed.

    What other resources are available for this class?

    In addition to classroom instruction, students can access online materials and resources such as webinars and official publications from relevant government bodies. Additionally, students may take part in outside research projects or job placements during their studies.

    How do I register for this course?

    Students interested in taking this course must contact their respective school's registrar office for more information on enrolling and payment options.

    Taking this Washington State Comp and Op class can provide students with a solid understanding of employment laws and other aspects related to doing business in the region. All necessary information about registration and required materials can be obtained from their respective school's registrar office.


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