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Zoom Classes Right Now

By Hafsa Omar

Zoom has become an increasingly popular way to remotely connect with people due to the uncertain times our current world is facing. It is often used for online classes, remote meetings, and job interviews. In this article, we’ll be discussing Zoom classes specifically.

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3. Join a Test Meeting - Zoom
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  • What do I need to access a Zoom class?

    To access a Zoom class you will need a computer or other device with internet connection and microphone/camera capabilities. You may also need to download the Zoom app if you are using a mobile device.

    How do I join a Zoom class?

    When you receive an invitation for a class or meeting via email or text, click on the link provided in the message and it will take you directly to the session. Once there your mic and camera should be turned off automatically until you choose to turn them on.

    Are recordings allowed during my zoom class?

    Depending on what type of session it is, recordings may be allowed. Be sure to check with your instructor before beginning any session and ask if recordings are okay or not.

    Zoom classes have become more popular than ever as people rely on remote connections for learning and collaboration. With some basic technology knowledge, joining a Zoom class can be simple and users can take advantage of various features that come along with this platform.


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